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Featured Entrepreneur – Christine Samuel

CastriesMarket.com Featured Entrepreneur – Christine Samuel of Christy Creations

Christine Samuel is a multi-talented award winning Saint Lucian artist who has earned recognition for her impressive skills in different artistic genres. She has received much national acclaim for her work as a dancer, dance tutor and choreographer. She recently retired from many years as a theatre arts teacher at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.

Today, Christine has taken a new creative turn in her life as a designer/artist. Under her own Christy Creations brand she uses her extensive artistic skills in the visual arts to produce original ladies bags that reflect vibrant Saint Lucian/Caribbean artistry and beauty. Every Christy Creations bag is individually created, hand painted, and fashioned with selected accessories as a bona fide original, one of a kind with a great story of its own.

Operating from her home in Babonneau, Christine produces a wide variety of bag designs for every occasion with a view to meeting every individual demand. Though specializing in bags for ladies, she has no limits to her client base and remains flexible to satisfy any bag request. Her business employs temporary labour assistance when required, and funding of Christy Creations comes from personal finances, with a view towards the business becoming self-financing in the immediate future. Find Christine on Instagram.

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