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Welcome to CastriesMarket.com

Welcome to CastriesMarket.com – We’re Open!

CastriesMarket.com is an online boutique where consumers from around the world particularly Canada, the United States of America (USA), and the United Kingdom (UK), can discover unique handcrafted items made by some of Saint Lucia’s talented and creative entrepreneurs. The products are original and reflect authentic Caribbean beauty and style.

As a boutique operation, we work closely with Saint Lucian entrepreneurs on the Caribbean island to help them grow their businesses by empowering them to go beyond their local marketplace. Our emphasis is to carry handcrafted products that are of a very high quality and export ready. Working with us is very simple and effortless, which makes it easy for these entrepreneurs to focus on running their business, while we work as an extension to their business operation.

If you’ve visited the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia before, you know how beautiful it is, including the people, the tropical landscape, and everything else that you’ve enjoyed. If you are a Saint Lucian living in the diaspora, you know the challenges of the local entrepreneurs in the creative and craft sector. As such, we urge you to do the following, which ultimately will help them grow independently and the island’s sector:

  1. Purchase a product for yourself or someone as a gift.
  2. Share the online store address [www.castriesmarket.com] with someone and encourage them to shop.
  3. If you know a Saint Lucian living on the Caribbean island who is a creative entrepreneur, you’ve seen and owned any of their products, and you believe they would benefit by working with CastriesMarket.com, then have them contact us.

We are extremely happy working with a highly talented and creative entrepreneur, Mrs. Christine Samuel of Christy Creations. She produces original ladies bags that reflect vibrant Saint Lucian and Caribbean artistry and beauty. Check out the Shop to see her products and visit her profile to learn more about her.

CastriesMarket.con promises to create a marketplace community where consumers can discover, learn, and interact with Saint Lucia’s talented and creative entrepreneurs. Feel free to share your comments about products you’ve owned, or contact us to offer suggestions.

We’re excited about sharing this information about CastriesMarket.com with you. So, go visit the Shop; you might find something that you like.


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